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Clearly understand Agile Requirements and how they differ from traditional requirements

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Mastering Agile Requirements course

Understand the principles behind Agile Requirements and their practical application over 20 videos. Learn how to use the Feature Library, and expand your knowledge of requirement types and decomposition.

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Feature Library

Reference, copy, and import over 200 requirements directly into your Product Backlogs. These requirements showcase a wide range of Themes, Epics, User Stories, and an alternative format known as the Job Story.

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Course Outline

The Feature Library

Explore the elements of the Feature Library and understand how it can help you define requirements.

Principles of Agile Requirements

Delve into the underlying principles of Agile Requirements, setting the stage for the approaches and techniques you will learn in subsequent modules.

Themes and Epics

Learn about Themes and Epics, and how they help Agile teams to see the bigger picture, aiding long-term planning. 

Splitting Requirements

Splitting requirements is an essential part of Agile Requirement gathering. Learn why this is the case, and techniques that can be used to break requirements down.

User Stories

The User Story is by far the most popular requirement format used by Agile teams. Learn why this is the case and how to define User Stories effectively.

Job Stories

While the User Story is a popular format, it is not the only format that can be used. Another popular alternative is called the Job Story, focusing on what motivates users to perform certain actions.

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The Feature Library

Your ultimate library of requirements and common User Stories

With over 200 requirements at your fingertips, the Feature Library is your ultimate resource. It allows you to reference, copy, and import requirements directly into your Product Backlogs. These requirements showcase a wide range of Themes, Epics, User Stories, and an alternative format known as the Job Story.

Review Comprehensive examples

Choose over 200 examples, including Themes, Epics, User Stories and Job Stories.

Populate your Product Backlog, and identify missing features

Save yourself time by importing requirements from the library into your Product Backlog.

Deepen your understanding of requirements used by Agile teams

Learn about the principles of Agile Requirements, what formats can be used, and how much detail to include.

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